16 Amazing Things to do in Seaside Heights

Looking for things to do in Seaside Heights?

There are plenty of amazing things to do in Seaside Heights, whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with family and friends. You will see that Seaside is one of the most walkable beach towns at the Jersey Shore. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Enjoy the Beach: Seaside Heights is known for its gorgeous beaches, so make sure you spend some time soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves. You can swim, sunbathe, and even try your hand at surfing. This is one of our favorite things to do in Seaside Heights!Rent a Wave runner: Looking for some exhilaration? Wave runners can reach very high speeds making this the perfect option to get your blood flowing. Relatively easy to operate, wave runners allow riders to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of being out on the water. Along the bay front, you can rent a wave runner at The Dock Outfitters
  2. Separate spaces for different activities: Hang out in the open living room / kitchen area, or grab some alone time in one of the 4 bedrooms. Want some fresh air? Try one of the many balconies or the private roof terrace. Everyone has a space to relax and unwind.
  3. Go Cart Racing can be a fun family activity! Who can race the fastest and perform the craftiest of pit maneuvers to be the winner! Only one way to find out. This option can get a bit pricy, so don’t for get to stock up on half price rides during their Easter Sale. This is one of those things to do in Seaside Heights that the kids will want to do over and over.
  4. Check out our local micro brew! Heavy Reel Brewing company has been a staple in Seaside Heights since 2018. The owners of the brewery live to push the envelope and make beer that made people scratch their head but before they knew it they were ordering another pour.
  5. Visit the Boardwalk: The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is legendary and offers something for everyone. Stroll along the boardwalk and check out the shops and games. You can also indulge in some delicious treats like funnel cakes, cotton candy, and boardwalk fries.
  6. Ride the Rides: Seaside Heights is home to Casino Pier amusement park, which offer a variety of thrilling rides and attractions. From roller coasters to kiddie cars, there’s something for all ages. There are now also a handful of kids rides at the south end of the boardwalk.

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach

Amusement rides, mini golf, go karts, water park, what else could you need? Two blocks from our door you will find all of these things to do in Seaside Heights. The pier also offers cross promotional options such as buy a full price Breakwater Beach pass and upgrade to unlimited amusement rides for only $20!

seaside Heights Rentals

Basic Things To Do In Seaside Heights

Shopping Tips! There is actually a very nice Acme (yes, I said Acme) right on the border of Seaside Heights and Ortley. Diagonal and right on the map, go north on the Boulevard, once you go past the CVS and enter into Ortley, turn around and come back south on 35. ShopRite will come up on your right. Right next to the Acme there is also a large liquor store.

For quick small thins, there is a 7-Eleven 3 or 4 blocks to the north (right), of our complex, and as mentioned above, a CVS a couple of blocks past that.

No need to go to far if you need a bottle of wine or a 6 pack, one block back and to the north is a liquor store.

Free Things To Do in Seaside Heights, NJ

Whether off-season or peak summer there are pleanty of things to do in Seaside Heights on the official calendar of events. From the annual Polar Bear Plunge in February, to the Sand and Soccer Tournament in June to the Wine on the Beach and BBQ Competition in September.

Restaurants in Seaside Heights

Every one has to eat right? Checking out the local restaurant scene is also one of the things to do in Seaside Heights you should check off the list. If you do not want to eat boardwalk food all week check out these alternative places to eat in and around Seaside, including a pizza place that will deliver to you directly on the beach! We also have a list of bars you may want to check out as well.

Things to do Near Seaside Heights

Willing to get in the car and go a bit outside of Seaside? There are also many things to do near Seaside Heights including the Blue Claws AAA baseball team and wine vinyards.

Emergency Information For Seaside Heights

We hope you don’t need this information and this is not one of the things to do in Seaside Heights that makes your list. But it is important to be prepared. Here are some important things to know about the town.

The police and fire station is one block back and two to the right (north).
The nearest hospital is west on RT 37. Go back in the direction of the Garden State Parkway, instead of getting on the GSP, keep going straight, the hospital will come up on your left.
Not one for hospitals? If you take RT 37 again back over the bridge, again keep going straight past the GSP entrance and turn around at the next uturn. Come back down 37 east to the Kohl’s shopping center. Inside that shopping center is an urgent care. OR you could also take RT 35 north to Point Pleasant. Right before you enter the town, you will come to a circle, there is a McDonalds in the center, go left and you will see an Urgent Care that is actually an emergency room.
Which ever you choose, one thing is for certain, with so many things to do in Seaside Heights, your vacation will be one you want to repeat year after year.

Need to orient yourself?  In the center of Seaside Heights you will find our townhouse (red star).

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